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02-Apr-2021 (Friday) at 07:46:43 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 4ffe00448
Parents: dff6b2a73

On branches: 1.0.0_branch, 1.0.1_branch, 1.0.2_branch, 1.0.3_branch, cumulative-def, master, newrenderer
  • Further work within PlayerAngle and PlayerHorizon structs following 39fe9efaffc6652993fe2a4708ced8d770d2122a and bf2d8078a4418eed5386faf904ca075d2af587d5.

  • Reduce code repetition.

  • Clamp incoming horizon when using settarget() methods.

  • Eliminate double calculation that was occurring in processhelpers().

1 files changed, 98 insertions, 110 deletions


source/core/gameinput.h (Diff)