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07-Apr-2021 (Wednesday) at 13:39:48 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 58fb938aa
Parents: 68b7628f5

On branches: 1.0.0_branch, 1.0.1_branch, 1.0.2_branch, 1.0.3_branch, cumulative-def, master, newrenderer
  • block opening of the menu in the fade out phase of a screenjob and in Exhumed's map/intermission screens.

At these places there's some inteference that can bring the engine into an unstable state. This is not a real fix, just a quick workaround. The actual problem requires closer examination why these are the only places where this happens.

2 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions


source/core/mainloop.cpp (Diff)
source/core/screenjob.cpp (Diff)