Details for commit 85cce1128a

12-Jan-2022 (Wednesday) at 18:42:34 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 85cce1128a
Parents: a13612ab9b

On branches: 1.4, 1.5, animateofs, automap, cansee_for_testing, clipdist_refactoring, cvar_uniforms, decal_wip, develop, discordrpc, exhumed_set_int_pos, fixhere, float_vertices, for_master, incomplete_bullet_crap, intwork2, master, nblood_merge, new_floatify, no_float, partially_tested_floatification, postshaders, pp_new, refactoring, refactoring2, refactoring2_untested, refactoring3, refactoring_untested, renderer_int_math, sectorneighbor, set_int_pos, untested, untested4, untested_floatification, wipe, wipstuff, zip64_
  • do proper handling of the 'no shadow' case for Duke's bad guys.

Using a flag like RedNukem instead of hacking dispicnum, which occasionally does reach the renderer and causes problems.