Details for commit 8e31c34b0

04-Apr-2021 (Sunday) at 15:00:41 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 8e31c34b0
Parents: 9828cd712

On branches: 1.0.0_branch, 1.0.1_branch, 1.0.2_branch, 1.0.3_branch, cumulative-def, master, newrenderer
  • fixed tileImportFromTexture.

  • the parser read numbers with leading zeros as octal, which is not wanted here

  • texture lookup by file name must be forced for root directory entries.

2 files changed, 3 insertions, 2 deletions


source/build/src/defs.cpp (Diff)
source/core/textures/buildtiles.cpp (Diff)