Details for commit 93edeac79

21-Apr-2021 (Wednesday) at 06:41:04 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 93edeac79
Parents: b49de68c8

On branches: 1.1, master, newrenderer
  • Clean-up of input functions.

  • Remove unused getincanglef().

  • Remove unused getincangleq16().

  • In PlayerHorizon struct, clamp value when setting target in __settarget(), not each public settarget() overload.

  • Rename PlayerAngle method applylook() to applyinput().

  • Rename PlayerHorizon method sethorizon() to applyinput().

  • In PlayerHorizon::applylook(), slightly clean return to centre code so it doesn't do math if already at 0.

  • In PlayerAngle::applylook(), slightly clean rotscrnang/look_ang code so it doesn't do math if already at 0 and reposition where mouse input is applied so that if input is applied, the player never enters a spin.

  • In Duke3d::player_struct::apply_seasick(), use buildfang() method instead of scaling float to BAM within function.