Details for commit dbd179be5

02-May-2021 (Sunday) at 04:55:22 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit dbd179be5
Parents: 9bc210fe3

On branches: 1.1, master, newrenderer, scriptable_cutscenes
  • RR progression fixes.

  • E1L7 abuses an 'end the game' command to progress to E2L1, this needs special treatment.

  • handle ENDGAME.MAP more cleanly by injecting an 'engine.con' into the compilation chain to define its map record. The main issue with this is that it needs to be defined before the regular CONs run.

  • check the already defined 'clearinventory' and 'clearweapons' flags that are exposed through RMAPINFO (Duke/RR only so far.)