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31-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 05:51:21 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 7522a3e35 (HEAD -> master)
Parents: 33167b2a0

  • added detection of Steam's Powerslave on macOS

31-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 05:47:10 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 33167b2a0
Parents: a9b75e7e7

  • fixed detection of Steam's Duke3D on macOS

30-Jul-2021 (Friday) at 20:15:17 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit a9b75e7e7
Parents: f6c7ed398

  • Blood: Put QAV interpolation code behind a CVAR for now until some final minor issues are resolved.

  • Thanks to Dzierzan for testing and the reports.

30-Jul-2021 (Friday) at 20:14:47 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit f6c7ed398
Parents: 9884d5f39

  • Blood: Restore originally intended isRunning code that never worked behind two CVARs to offer an alternative playing experience.

  • cl_bloodvanillarun enables/disables the isRunning code that affects AI, bobbing and swaying.

  • cl_bloodvanillabobbing enables/disables the isRunning code that affects bobbing and swaying, allowing only the isRunning AI changes.

30-Jul-2021 (Friday) at 20:05:18 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 9884d5f39
Parents: a67c12612

  • Blood: Perform interpolation of menu's blood dripping.

  • All supporting code is here, is tested and works, need to determine best how to flag the menu as "Animated" to uncap the frame-rate.

29-Jul-2021 (Thursday) at 05:22:52 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit a67c12612
Parents: 019922dcf

  • Blood: Extend 99508e6f1530fb5da2ec4b21a081a275b4c79242 to find picnum of previous frame in all previous frame's tile indices if the current frame's tile index doesn't match.

  • Allows more interpolation magic.

  • Revealed an issue with interpolatedanglef() that was undetected. Removed in place of a binangle version returned as floating point build.

29-Jul-2021 (Thursday) at 04:38:07 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 019922dcf
Parents: 32215ba57

  • Fix constexpr issue with interpolatedanglef() since fmod() isn't available as constexpr.

29-Jul-2021 (Thursday) at 03:53:57 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 32215ba57
Parents: 99508e6f1

  • SW: Tidy some extra panel coordinate math that was missed in 4d4946fb6bc098d5594e3ace033a6df4679ad477.

29-Jul-2021 (Thursday) at 01:14:21 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 99508e6f1
Parents: bd23ea144

  • Blood: Perform interpolation between frames for each tile coordinate when there is more than one frame and the picnum between frames match.

27-Jul-2021 (Tuesday) at 16:11:53 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit bd23ea144
Parents: 9a8ee00ae

  • validate 'nextsector' fields on walls.

Build utterly relied on the map having these right and put the entire responsibility on the mapper. There's maps, however which have bad values here causing either render glitches or crashes so these bad indices need to be fixed. Two good examples where this causes problems are RR's E3L1 and the second map of SW's Last Warrior mod where this even glitches in Polymost.

27-Jul-2021 (Tuesday) at 16:07:16 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 9a8ee00ae
Parents: a40d03662

  • set currentLevel before calling engineLoadBoard.

This is needed if the compatibility patcher needs to alter mapinfo data.

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 15:52:42 EDT by NoOneBlood
Commit a40d03662
Parents: 1fa0863a5

Fix max players range check for kModernPlayerControl Add power up control for kModernPlayerControl

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 05:41:17 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 1fa0863a5
Parents: adb9547ba

  • Duke: Amend af9f2f3eb62300ec8391ff13a6c8919bd4f6943f to not reset the skill if incoming skill is -1;

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 03:34:16 EDT by nukeykt
Commit adb9547ba
Parents: 1685890bc

Blood: fix impact sprite OOB issue

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 03:28:32 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 1685890bc
Parents: ced8a8333

  • Replace calcSinTableValue() with game's native bsin() export.

  • Also repair light for Duke's DrawCursor() with a multiply and shift down to get the bsin() output up to 24 and not 21.33 etc

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 01:59:59 EDT by nukeykt
Commit ced8a8333
Parents: 557cd7e73

Blood: fix potential view sprite overflows

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 01:38:51 EDT by nukeykt
Commit 557cd7e73
Parents: 39547e2df

Blood: fix view sprites overflow in ROR code

26-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 01:31:36 EDT by nukeykt
Commit 39547e2df
Parents: 1fde9f217

Blood: fix OOB issue in aiPatrolSetMarker

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 18:58:00 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 1fde9f217
Parents: 1a5a2aba2

  • workaround to allow playing SW's Last Warrior mod in one go.

This disables the boss's death in L4 ending the game and just advances to the next level. This seems to be the intent with this mod as the second episode starting at L5 is not defined and the first episode's subtitle advertises the full game.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 11:27:52 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 1a5a2aba2
Parents: a12dfbe1d

  • Blood: fixed path validation for cutscene files.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 11:17:29 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a12dfbe1d
Parents: 5c5799c21

  • fixed bad operator grouping in cheat code.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 06:48:27 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 5c5799c21
Parents: c69efe581

  • quote argument for sending cheats from the chat editor.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 06:43:42 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit c69efe581
Parents: dfb18ef9a

  • fix crash issue with empty VOCs.

Pointer to empty data causes undefined behavior if length is 0.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 06:43:03 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit dfb18ef9a
Parents: c51c6fa52

  • Duke/RR: Call Bowling lane reset code only when playing RR.

This may alter some tile references which will cause problems with hires replacements in Duke .

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 06:18:53 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit c51c6fa52
Parents: 3864dcfc1

  • adapted the Zip root folder eliminator to deal with archives that do not add proper folder records to their central directory.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 05:59:12 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 3864dcfc1
Parents: fa586d6d7

  • adapted cheat input handler to treat spaces as '0' when entering parts of numeric fields.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 05:53:20 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit fa586d6d7
Parents: b23db149e

  • Blood: fixed parser for 'mario' cheat to treat a leading space for the level number as 0.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 05:50:23 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit b23db149e
Parents: 9fad44bab

  • use snprintf in condError.

While sprintf is generally problematic, it is particularly dangerous here where it is impossible to estimate the length of the messages.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 05:44:07 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 9fad44bab
Parents: 3b82a0812

  • Blood: Replace use of non-standard strupr() from 754554a4939965ed264c6a6ad906011cfecb22d6 with an FString object.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 05:38:06 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 3b82a0812
Parents: e4fb67bc2

Revert "- Fix non-Windows and non-MSVC builds due to missing header for strupr()."

This reverts commit 2217dcb632f04ced8d539859add929a0c0abe89d.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 21:00:35 EDT by sirlemonhead
Commit e4fb67bc2
Parents: 2217dcb63

Rides Again: Possible array index by -1 in Proj_DoHitscan(). Added check to prevent this.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 05:26:39 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 2217dcb63
Parents: 7702b3bb9

  • Fix non-Windows and non-MSVC builds due to missing header for strupr().

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 04:42:15 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 7702b3bb9
Parents: eae355110

  • rewrote the sound handling in the patrolling code for Raze's sound backend.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 04:30:14 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit eae355110
Parents: cc3e6b74f

  • use enums instead of #defines.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 04:29:50 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit cc3e6b74f
Parents: b588abbca

  • handle newly activated 'unused' fields properly for serialization.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 02:50:46 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit b588abbca
Parents: 4298399e0

  • deleted two unused functions that got back in again by accident.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 01:38:51 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 4298399e0
Parents: ffe62da3c

  • Build: Change MAXSPRITESONSCREEN from constant of 2560 to 1/4 of MAXSPRITES.

  • Mods like Blood's Eviction are pushing these limits hard. Bumping the onscreen limit resolved recurring crash on with no apparent ill-effects.

25-Jul-2021 (Sunday) at 01:37:50 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit ffe62da3c
Parents: 7329cb8f1

  • Blood: Add some nullptr checks to the aiPatrol*() inline bools.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 23:12:29 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 7329cb8f1
Parents: 754554a49

  • Blood: Comment out bonk code from 754554a4939965ed264c6a6ad906011cfecb22d6 to get things building for now.

19-Jul-2021 (Monday) at 17:15:26 EDT by NoOneBlood
Commit 754554a49
Parents: 8a029cb4e

Increase kMaxSuperXSprites from 128 to 512. Fix mirror (ROR) intialization so it won't crash if more than 1024 sectors used. Fix random item generator so items that inherits TX ID won't send command at respawn. Fix for things (400 - 433) that affected by modern physics so it won't return to vanilla physics after getting damage. Fix kTeleportTarget so teleported sprites won't stuck in floors or ceilings. Corpses won't gib as gargoyles anymore (gModernMap).

kModernCondition: - remove bool comparison (condCmpb). - remove no extra comparison (condCmpne). - remove "else if" search at level start. - add global (game) conditions type. - add more conditions. - make error report a bit more informative.

Add more options and damage effects for kModernSpriteDamager. Add more options for kModernMissileGen and allow to spawn projectile on TX ID sprites location. Add more options and vertical wind processing for kModernWindGen. Add more options and effects for kModernEffectGen. Allow kMarkerDudeSpawn to spawn enemies on TX ID sprites location (gModernMap). Allow kModernCustomDudeSpawn to spawn dude on TX ID sprites location. Add Screen and Aim trigger flags for sprites that can be triggered with Sight (gModernMap).

Patrolling enemies: - add turn AI state. - add "return back" option for path markers. - add "turning while waiting" option for markers. - make enemies to hear some sounds assuming that player generates and hears it too. - add kModernStealthRegion type to affect current spot progress velocity. - replace AI's CanMove and aiChooseDirection to a better versions. - make flying enemies to not spin around the marker. - treat Phantasm as flying enemy! - allow to continue patrol when falling in water.

Fix compile warnings Various minor fixes / cleanup.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 08:06:00 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 8a029cb4e
Parents: a55b8f716

  • Blood: Fix ammo colour for status bar and first fullscreen HUD.

  • Reported by Spill.

  • Fixes #490.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 07:39:29 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit a55b8f716
Parents: ef05eec53

  • Blood: Repair some missing nullptr checks causing a crash upon reloading after dying.

  • Reported by Spill.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 03:51:05 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit ef05eec53
Parents: 8e8b3a32f

  • Change a68d5aae7046dfc844be0a12c4ea3898a30ce229 to not do a leading zero, but add an extra space of frameDelay less than 10.

  • Thanks, Graf. It's better :)

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 03:10:21 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 8e8b3a32f
Parents: ccce75667

  • fixed initialization pf upscale state properly.

This avoids indirectly calling FlushAll during startup.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 03:08:29 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ccce75667
Parents: cb01fb0cf

Revert "- Remove CVAR_NOINITCALL bit from gl_texture_hqresize* CVARs."

This reverts commit e03d5326707eecdf6c395a67fb3b8426097093f9.

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 02:18:06 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit cb01fb0cf
Parents: e03d53267

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 01:58:05 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit e03d53267
Parents: 20bffbd94

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 01:40:15 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit 20bffbd94
Parents: a68d5aae7

24-Jul-2021 (Saturday) at 01:28:58 EDT by Mitchell Richters
Commit a68d5aae7
Parents: 56d313f08

  • Add leading zero to statFPS() output (vid_fps) so that the text doesn't bounce continually when alternating between 10 ms and <10 ms.

21-Jul-2021 (Wednesday) at 10:37:52 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 56d313f08
Parents: 2aea69b48

  • use SDL Vulkan window flag directly

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