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How to install Raze

  1. Download the latest Raze (currently 1.0.1). Alternatively, you can get an unofficial development build from DRD Team.
  2. Extract all the files from the ZIP file into a new directory.
  3. Install one or more game from or Steam. Raze will find them automatically. Alternatively, you can copy the required game files into subfolders of your Raze installation directory.

Mac OS X Instructions

  1. Copy the included app bundle to your applications directory.
  2. Game files should be placed in your Library folder.

How to start Raze

To play an unmodified game, simply double-click raze.exe, or a shortcut to it, or call it from a command line. If several games are found, a selection screen will show up asking you which game you want to play.

For playing mods, the recommended method is to zip the mod's content and load the zip file by dragging and dropping it onto the exe, or any other methods. Doom frontends can be used with Raze.

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