List of supported games

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  • Duke Nukem 3D v1.3D, Atomic Edition, and Twentieth Anniversary World Tour (via JFDuke & EDuke 2.0; World Tour extensions via DukeGDX)
  • One Unit Whole Blood (via NBlood)
  • Shadow Warrior (via SWP & VoidSW)
  • NAM (via EDuke 2.1)
  • WW2GI (via EDuke 2.1)
  • Redneck Rampage, Redneck Rampage Rides Again, and Suckin' Grits on Route 66 (via Rednukem)
  • Powerslave/Exhumed (via PCExhumed, with various enhancements inspired by PowerslaveGDX)
Game Name Notes and links Files required
MiniBloodLogoIcon.png Blood MiniGOGLogoIcon.png Buy on MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam BLOOD.INI, BLOOD.RFF, GUI.RFF, SOUNDS.RFF, SURFACE.DAT, TILES000.ART to TILES017.ART, VOXEL.DAT
MiniDuke3DLogoIcon.png Duke Nukem 3D N/A MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam DUKE3D.GRP (note: proper support for World Tour's extra features requires the whole game installation)
Duke It Out in D.C. No longer available since the delisting of Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition DUKEDC.GRP
Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach VACATION.GRP
Duke: Nuclear Winter NWINTER.GRP
MiniExhumedLogoIcon.png Exhumed/Powerslave MiniGOGLogoIcon.png Buy on N/A BOOK.MOV, STUFF.DAT
MiniNAMLogoIcon.png NAM MiniGOGLogoIcon.png Buy on MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam GAME.CON, NAM.GRP
MiniRRLogoIcon.png Redneck Rampage MiniGOGLogoIcon.png Buy on MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam (no music) REDNECK.GRP
Suckin' Grits on Route 66 All files with names ending in 66 and the extensions .ANM, .ART, .CON, .VOC, all .MAP files in route66/ folder
Redneck Rampage Rides Again MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam (no music) REDNECK.GRP (same filename as the original title)
MiniSWLogoIcon.png Shadow Warrior MiniGOGLogoIcon.png Free on MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Free on Steam SW.GRP
Twin Dragon MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam TD.GRP or TWINDRAG.GRP*
Wanton Destruction WT.GRP
MiniWW2GILogoIcon.png World War II GI N/A MiniSteamLogoIcon.png Buy on Steam WW2GI.GRP
Platoon Leader Free download from RTCM PLATOONL.DAT

*The distribution of Twin Dragon varies. It can be found as a single file named either TD.GRP or TWINDRAG.GRP, or as a set of loose files as in's Shadow Warrior Complete distribution. The loose files are not yet supported by Raze.