Welcome to Raze!

Raze is a fork of Build engine games backed by GZDoom tech and combines Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior and Exhumed/Powerslave in a single package. It is also capable of playing Nam and WW2 GI.

The game modules are based on the following sources:
  • Duke Nukem: JFDuke, EDuke 2.0, World Tour extensions from DukeGDX and some minor fixes from EDuke32.
  • Redneck Rampage: Nuke.YKT's reconstructed source available in the Rednukem Git repo.
  • Blood: NBlood.
  • Shadow Warrior: SWP and VoidSW.
  • Exhumed/Powerslave: PCExhumed, with some enhancements inspired by PowerslaveGDX.
ZDoom, GZDoom Copyright (c) 1998-2022 ZDoom + GZDoom teams, and contributors

Doom Source (c) 1997 id Software, Raven Software, and contributors

EDuke32 and VoidSW Source (c) 2005-2022 EDuke32 teams, and contributors

NBlood source (c) 2019-2022 Nuke.YKT

PCExhumed source (c) 2019-2022 sirlemonhead, Nuke.YKT

BuildGDX (c) 2020-2022

Duke Nukem 3D Source (c) 1996-2003 3D Realms

Shadow Warrior Source (c) 1997-2005 3D Realms

"Build Engine & Tools" Copyright (c) 1993-1997 Ken Silverman
Ken Silverman's official web site: http://www.advsys.net/ken
See the included license file "BUILDLIC.TXT" for license info.

Please see license files for individual contributor licenses