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Raze is a Build engine port with modules for the most important classic Build games (Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Exhumed/Powerslave, Redneck Rampage), but it is heavily influenced by the GZDoom port. This results in a few features which were derived from GZDoom and are not found in other modern Build ports such as EDuke32, RedNukem, or BuildGDX.

Cumulative definitions

Raze is able to load several .def files at once. Normally, only one can be loaded -- others have to be included from the one def file that is loaded. If a def file's name ends with the -raze substring (e.g. duke3d-raze.def) it will be loaded in cumulative mode.

Data filtering

Similarly to the lump filtering present in GZDoom, zip files can contain folders that will only be loaded if the relevant game is being played, allowing a single archive to accommodate several different games. The following filters are available:

  • Blood
Any Blood game.
  • Blood.Blood
The core Blood game specifically.
  • Blood.Cryptic
The Cryptic Passage extension to Blood.
  • Duke
Any version of the full Duke Nukem 3D game, from the original 3-episodes release to the 4-episodes Atomic Pack to the 5-episode 20th Anniversary World Tour re-release.
  • Duke.Duke
The original Duke Nukem 3D game.
  • Duke.DukeDC
The extension Duke it Out in DC.
  • Duke.NWinter
The extension Nuclear Winter.
  • Duke.Vacation
The extension Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach.
  • Duke.Worldtour
The fifth episode Alien World Order from the 20th Anniversary Edition, repackaged as an extension using NightFright's script.
  • Duke.Zone
The unofficial Duke!ZONE II shovelware extension.
  • Exhumed
Any version of Exhumed/Powerslave
  • Exhumed.Exhumed
The version specifically released as Exhumed (European release).
  • Exhumed.Powerslave
The version specifically released as Powerslave (American release).
  • Nam
Any version of NAM.
  • Nam.Nam
The base game only.
  • Nam.Napalm
The NAPALM extension.
  • Redneck
Any of the three Redneck Rampage titles.
  • Redneck.Redneck
The original Redneck Rampage game.
  • Redneck.RidesAgain
The sequel Redneck Rampage Rides Again.
  • Redneck.Route66
The extension Sucking Grits on Route 66.
  • ShadowWarrior
Any version of Shadow Warrior.
  • ShadowWarrior.ShadowWarrior
The original game.
  • ShadowWarrior.TwinDragon
The Twin Dragon extension.
  • ShadowWarrior.Wanton
The Wanton Destruction extension.
  • WW2GI
Any version of WWII GI
  • WW2GI.Platoon
The Platoon Leader extension.
The original game specifically.


Derived from ZMAPINFO but adapted to Raze's needs. An RMAPINFO lump allows to define maps, episodes (aka volumes), clusters, and cutscenes.


The same language as in GZDoom, though integration is currently limited to UI elements such as status bars, menus, and cutscene management. ZScript in Raze does not allow defining new game logic elements, since game logic is split between four different game engines (Blood, Duke, Exhumed, and Shadow Warrior).